Centralise your delivery orders with Zelty Delivery

Reduce the number of shelves on your counter by integrating the management of your external orders, production and deliveries directly into your iPad Zelty . 

interface screen zelty delivery, which centralises all external commands

Used by 4,000 establishments

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One screen to manage all your sales channels

Zelty Delivery

Centralise your orders

the zelty cash register in action on a counter

Zelty Delivery is an interface for managing your external orders, integrated into your cash register.
Get a clear, intuitive view of your orders from Click&Collect, delivery platforms and kiosks...
Prioritize and supervise your production times by limiting the number of screens in your restaurants. 

Improve your cash flow

Thanks to Zelty Delivery, receive orders from all your virtual and/or physical brands in a single screen.
Adapt your card for multi-branding with our tag system. All centralised in a single till.

A single interface for your card and stocks

Save time by creating and updating your catalogs once from the Zelty back office, and sending them directly to Uber Eats, Deliveroo...
Keep track of your stocks and inform us of out-of-stocks so that we can block their sale on all your channels.

Zelty Delivery

More visibility online

an order on a smartphone

By centralising and controlling your delivery orders, you reduce errors and increase your productivity. Your customers benefit from a quality service, products that match their requirements and fast delivery.
Your overall customer satisfaction increases, as do your ratings and referencing on delivery platforms.

Track your performance in real time

From your dashboard at Zelty, you can track sales on all your channels, including delivery platforms.
Find all the details of your activity and orders, as well as your customer files in your back office, on your phone or computer.

No order limit or commitment

Like all our licences, Zelty Delivery is a monthly subscription with no commitment. You will be able to use it without any limit of orders or brands.

Why choose Zelty ?

4,000 restaurants use Zelty every day

A certified cash register in 2018, easy to use and intuitive

95% of our customers remain loyal to us after 2 years

Support based in France, accessible by telephone 7 days a week

An all-in-one solution
designed for your business


Our clients testify

4.5/5 on Facebook Reviews

5/5 on Google Reviews

Jean-Christophe Le Ho

With Zelty, we can manage all our points of sale. We set up the Clic&Collect in one month. They are very responsive with simple and effective tools. We are continuing our projects with them.

Graffi Rathamohan

ZeltyIt's robust, well thought out and fluid. It has everything we need: multi-site checkout, loyalty, click'n collect... We have gained in efficiency and above all in serenity.

Victor Garnier

Zelty has allowed us to centralise our orders online. Before, we had to copy all the Deliveroo orders. Now, everything comes directly to the cash register. And we also work with Uber Eats.

Maxime Buhler

Zelty is in my opinion the most reliable cash register solution for our restaurants. It's totally digital, well thought out and quick to manage. We accept all payment methods. 

Emmanuel Taib

It's great to have visibility and centralized administration of our restaurants from a single back office. And our other digital tools are fully interconnected with the cash register

Yves Hecker

Zelty is the perfect solution to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. We have opened over forty restaurants with zelty and we're still going!

Eric Michelin

Finally, a solution made for multi-site and multi-channel. I'm more relaxed about managing our 20 or so restaurants. I sleep much better at night!

Increase your turnover by digitising your restaurants

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Zelty is an innovative digital solution for cashiering, order taking and management, designed from the start to digitalize multi-site restaurants.
Zelty offers Zen management of all your points of sale. In concrete terms, in all your establishments, you can take orders and collect money from your iPad cash register, your iPhone, your website, your touch-screen terminals, your QR code, your delivery platforms, as well as collect money, click&collect, manage deliveries and platforms.
And from your back office, you can remotely manage your cards - on site, take away, delivery - your teams, your sales channels, your payment methods, as well as the integration with your existing tools. You can monitor your orders in real time, your figures and ratios, your promotions or even your customer base.
It's always easier when there's Zelty.