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Frequently asked questions

What is the billing model?

You pay a monthly subscription fee - with no commitment - based on the number of screens and options you use. For hardware (iPad, printer, etc.), you have to finance the equipment. In our experience, this is the simplest and, above all, least expensive solution for restaurateurs.

I already have a payment solution, how can I switch to Zelty ?

We will study your situation together: your current contract, your existing equipment, your cards. We will use your equipment where possible and guide you through the import of your products and cards.

Zelty is it a solution, software or app?

ZeltyThe heart of the solution is the Zelty Caisse application, which can be installed on your iPad, iPhone, etc. In your restaurants, your teams use the Zelty Caisse app to take orders, collect cash, manage reservations and more.
To set up your restaurants and menus, manage your business and monitor your figures in real time, you use the Zelty Back Office (the administrator account) on your phone or computer. If you wish, you can activate the options we offer: Zelty Click&Collect, Zelty KDS, Delivery, Zelty Delivery (centralization of external orders) etc.
Finally, more than 80 partner tools can be connected to the Zelty solution in just a few clicks.

I don't want to commit myself / I have a seasonal activity

Rest assured, Zelty is a no obligation solution. You can stop the subscription whenever you want and reactivate it as you wish. How convenient!

I already have too many shelves on my counter...

Say goodbye to multiple tablets: Zelty allows you to centralize the most common tools directly in the iPad case Zelty.

How do I install the Zelty solution in my restaurants?

We generally advise our clients to take the Installation option. An installer-trainer comes and installs the equipment and the solution according to the specifications that you have validated. On-site or remote training can also be provided. In certain simple cases, the restaurant owner can install the solution himself Zelty.